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Attic Insulation: Understanding the importance

Ensuring proper insulation in your attic promotes an energy-efficient home. The attic is the largest space in your home. It has the biggest impact in controlling indoor temperatures. Investing in this space creates a home with stable and comfortable temperatures. So, say hello to cooler summers and warmer winters! Proper insulation will provide an enjoyable home and also help reduce energy waste.

    How we approach every project

    Our team starts every job by conducting thorough assessments of your attic. We pay close attention to the state of your insulation, ventilation, and air sealing. The scope of work is planned with a focus on maximizing your savings. We excel in attic insulation and it has always been our specialty. Our reputation speaks of our professionalism and dependability. You can trust us to handle all the unique needs of your project.

      Common misconceptions for Attic Insulation

      It will almost always make sense to keep your attic insulation in good condition. Yet, some people forgo this over concerns that are not based on reality. Here are some misconceptions about attic insulation.

      • Only effective for cold climates: Insulation is beneficial in hot and cold weather. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round by preventing heat transfer.
      • Causes moisture problems: Insulation controls temperature. Proper ventilation serves as a safeguard against moisture problems. These two work together to prevent any potential issues related to moisture.
      • Traps heat: Attic insulation serves as a barrier from temperature extremes. That means if it is cold outside, it prevents heat from escaping.
      • Lasts a Lifetime: Over time, insulation may face the wear and tear. It may degrade, settle, or endure damage along the way. To preserve its effectiveness, regular inspections and maintenance is important.
      • The more insulation, the better: The amount of insulation needed depends on several factors. The climate and desired energy efficiency goals will determine how much you need. Our attic insulation contractor can determine the appropriate amount for efficiency.
      Spray foam around air ducts.

      Spray Foam Attic Insulation

      Let us consult you on the benefits of using spray foam insulation in your attic.

      Blow-in insullation in the attic.

      Blow In Attic Insulation

      Get in contact with our team to understand the benefits of blow-in insulation for your attic.

      Insulation removal from attic.

      Attic Insulation Removal

      Have some insulation that needs to be removed or replaced? Get in contact with us to help you with the removal.